Google Ads Drive 40% Increase in Booking Enquiries

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Google Ads Drive 40% Increase in Booking Enquiries

The Aegean Sailing School is a RYA certified training centre based on the island of Aegina near Athens. We have worked with the Aegean Sailing School Team for many years, originally advising mainly on SEO issues and when organic rankings alone were not enough to compete with paid ad impressions we decided to implement a PPC campaign aimed at our strongest foreign markets and with the specific intent to bring in new client leads for the school’s range of RYA sailing courses.

Using a combination of direct response search ads, targeted remarketing lists and hand crafted landing pages we managed to drive direct response leads via the website up 40% over a two year period with ‘only’ a 25% increase in new website visitors, but a 212% increase in conversion rates! We are pleased to have played our part in the school deciding to add to their fleet of yachts for training courses and to hire new instructors for the school!

With the Aegean Sailing School Team we continue to:

  • Utilise the latest functionalities available in Google and Facebook Ads to increase their contact with potential customers
  • Optimise their ad campaigns to ensure maximum results at the lowest possible cost
  • Monitor existing markets and explore emerging markets for sailors looking to take RYA training course in Greece

We are thrilled with our long term cooperation with Kollective. They are always available and are always suggesting new approaches and ideas for growing our business!
Andrew V. – Owner of Aegean Sailing School

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