Hotel Website Design

Your hotel is unique, your website should be too! The websites we build aim to inspire your guests and drive direct bookings!

What we do

Our design department is equally talented in producing amazing design work for both print and web projects.

From initial identity and branding to thank you cards and do not disturb signs, we have you covered.

Did we mention we make great websites? Our award winning team know how to produce stunning hotel websites that are built to inspire… and convert!

Of course an effective hotel website also includes a technical component and we are equally proud of our work there.

How we do it

All of the hotel websites we create are guaranteed to:

  • Look fantastic and work properly on any screen
  • Load faster than you can blink an eye
  • Include a custom Google Analytics set up for YOUR hotel
  • Be SEO optimised from the start
  • Include full multilingual functionality
  • Be Open Source for easy editing and maximum flexibility

In short, we pay attention to the small details!

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Frequently asked questions about our website design services for hotels

Are your websites suitable for any kind of hotel?

"Yes! We have built websites for many different kinds of hotels from smaller family hotels to luxury boutique hotels on some of the most famous islands in Greece (and indeed the world!). Contact us to discuss how we can help your hotel stand out from the crowd!

Do you use templates for your hotel websites?

We do not use ready templates for any of the hotel websites we design. We believe that your hotel is unique and your website should be too! We take pride in designing websites that present your hotel to potential guests beautifully on any device and effectively ensure maximum direct bookings.

Are your hotel websites responsive?

Of course! All of our websites are guaranteed to look fantastic on any device, from the smallest mobile phone to the largest smart TV. Our team has over 20 years experience in making beautiful websites that will inspire your guests!

Do your websites support multiple languages?

Our websites are built to support as many languages as needed. We also ensure that all our multi-language hotel websites are properly setup for multilingual SEO, an important step in ensuring your hotel gets maximum online visibility!

Do your websites have a booking engine?

Unless there is a specific reason to have your own custom built booking engine we usually recommend using an existing third party booking engine. We have experience connecting websites with many booking engine platforms and the setup is usually smooth and simple.

Do you provide a Content Management System (CMS)?

We build all our hotel websites using Wordpress, an industry leading, open source CMS. Open source means that we do not lock you in to proprietary systems to charge you large fees for small edits. We believe in transparency and open source software guarantees this.

Are your websites optimised for SEO?

All of the websites we produce are SEO optimised for success from day one. We pay attention to all the small details that make a big difference when it comes to ensuring your hotel’s website is a step ahead of the competition. You can learn more about our advanced hotel SEO services here.

Do you design websites for other tourism businesses?

We do if the fit is right. We are happy to consider other hospitality businesses and have experience in the yacht charter, tour operator and tourism services industries. Contact us for a chat to see how we can help your business!
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