Hotel SEO Services

Many say they “do SEO”, we prefer to say that we help our clients improve. Hotel SEO is an on going process of improvement that we need to be confident we can assist in before we say “we do”!

What we do

Well, what we don’t do is sell false SEO hope.

Let’s face it, the online travel industry is competitive, very competitive. And this is just as true when discussing SEO as when discussing digital marketing. It is not realistic for any single hotel to expect to have first place rankings for “Best Hotel in [your city]”.

We are strict pragmatists when it comes to our search engine optimisation approach. We want to help our client’s hotels get measurable results that drive incremental bookings that make a difference to their bottom line. Nothing more, nothing less.

When we undertake a hotel SEO project we do so being confident we can help you improve, otherwise we will simply not take it on. We do not guarantee results we cannot deliver, but the results we do deliver can be impressive!

What do our SEO services include?

Our hotel SEO projects include:

  • In depth keyword research
  • Technical SEO audits & optimisation
  • Ongoing keyword rank tracking
  • Content creation & copywriting
  • Local SEO optimisation
  • Link building opportunities
  • Lots of brainstorming sessions

We work effectively with internal or external content and IT teams to ensure your hotel’s SEO is maximised for bookings!

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Frequently asked questions about our Hotel SEO Services

What SEO strategy do you suggest for hotels?

We are practical when it comes to our preferred SEO strategy. Quite simply, we want to focus on actions that are both achievable and profitable for your hotel. We suggest looking at our article on how to pick the best keywords for your hotel to get an idea of our SEO philosophy.

Do you guarantee rankings for specific keywords?

No SEO agency can guarantee rankings for any specific keyword. The tourism industry is hugely competitive with keyword rankings in a constant state of flux. What we can guarantee is that we will honestly assess the SEO opportunities available to your hotel and strive to bring the best results possible, always!

Can you do an SEO audit for my hotel website?

Yes we can. Technical SEO audits can be very effective in bringing out the hidden value that already exists in your website. We can work effectively with internal IT teams or other external partners to make the changes needed to get your existing website up to speed!

Can you handle SEO in multiple languages?

The Kollective team includes native speakers in English and Greek. We have also run effective SEO campaigns for the German, French and Italian markets. No matter what language your customers speak, with the right team your international SEO goals are achievable!

Do you offer link building services?

We can assist in leveraging your existing partnerships, PR / Digital PR campaigns and/or sponsorship activities to maximise their value and this includes ensuring all linking opportunities are fully explored. We do not offer stand alone link building services which are not part of a total SEO package.

Do you provide content creation services?

Yes we do. Our content team is composed of native speakers with many years experience in the hotel and tourism sector. We provide both copy editing services for existing webpages and new content creation services to help take your content to the next level. Contact us to find out more!
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