Digital Marketing for Apogii Clinic in London

We are pleased to announce our ongoing cooperation with the Apogii Cryotherapy Clinic in London. Apogii is located in the upscale area of Notting Hill and offers a range of wellness services including massages, facials and other beauty treatments. Their highlight service is a state-of-the-art medical grade walk in cryotherapy chamber which can hold groups of up to four people at a time. Medical grade cryotherapy means the temperature is set at -110 degrees centigrade! We had the opportunity to try out the cryo chamber on a recent visit to London and we can safely say it is truly cold, but it is also strangely invigorating! Apogii contacted us originally in the spring of 2019 to assist with a digital marketing campaign to support the opening of the clinic. As our relationship has continued we have widened the scope of our cooperation to include search engine optimisation and local search optimisation so that anyone interested in relevant services can easily find the clinic and book online. We look forward to freezing together again the next time we visit London!

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