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Greece and Grapes is an online retailer of Greek wines and spirits, the only e-shop of its kind that focuses exclusively on Greek wine products.

The Greece and Grapes team contacted us to help them increase online sales. Due to restrictions on the online advertising of alcoholic products we decided to invest in enhancing their position in the non paid organic results of Google and other search engines. The process took nearly six months to complete and involved a combination of technical enhancements of website code and server functionality along with a substantial amount of new website content.

The results were more than worth the effort! After a short period of little change we started to see impressive increases in organic traffic from all around the world. Over the next 24 months organic traffic just kept increasing reaching +175% in comparison to when we started making the needed SEO enhancements. It was not just users looking for information on Greek wines either, it was people looking to buy, with revenue from organic traffic up by 77% over the same period!

With the Greece and Grapes team we continue to:

  • Maintain their excellent results in organic searches for Greek wines
  • Utilise the latest functionalities available in Google and Facebook Ads to increase their contact with potential customers
  • Monitor and research trends in the market for Greek wines throughout the world

Kollective were recommended to us by a colleague and the ongoing cooperation with them has been excellent. They have really helped with driving more sales of our wines to clients outside Greece and our cooperation with them continues to bring great results!
Konstantinos G. – Co-Owner Greece and Grapes

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