Top Trending Hotel Keywords

What are the most popular hotel keywords?

Be it for SEO purpose or for search advertising use, identifying the best keywords for your hotel is a crucial first step. We are often asked to do keyword research for our hotel clients and the question of which keywords are the most popular comes up a lot. Of course there is no single answer, or at least not an answer that is relevant for all hotels at all times.

The best keywords for your hotel will not be the best keywords for somebody else’s hotel. And the most popular keywords for your hotel right now might not be the most popular keywords for your hotel a year from now, or even a month from now!

So what is a savvy marketer to do? Well, we like to think of ourselves as savvy hotel marketers and we decided to have a little bit of fun. A little fun however that is not without at least a kernel of useful information hidden inside! We present below an up to date list of the most popular hotel keywords and the top trending hotel keywords in the world today. We use Google Trends to grab real search data from the last 30 days and update these lists monthly to stay on top of current events.

What are these lists useful for? Perhaps not much other than a conversation starter. Certainly if you are the owner of one of the hotels lucky enough to make it into one of the lists then bragging rights are up for grabs. Other than that, keyword research and targeting for any specific hotel is going to need an in depth look at each hotel’s specific destination and unique advantages and amenities. If you really want to find the best keywords for your hotel then we suggest you have a look at our post in choosing the best keywords for your hotel, it is about a 15 minute read and one of our most popular blog posts. If you want us to do the grunt work for you, feel free to drop us a line! That being said, the lists below certainly have at least a couple of keywords that can give food for thought and certainly show popular current trends and/or tourist destinations.

Before anybody starts building out SEO campaigns or a search marketing campaign with these lists let’s be clear: These lists are not to be used in real world campaigns! For a complete description of our methodology please see the notes down below.

Top Hotel Keywords August 2021

KeywordAvg. Monthly SearchesSEO DifficultyLow Range CPCHigh Range CPC
hotels near me5,000,000NA€0.69€2.20
cheap hotels301,00068€0.92€3.19
pet friendly hotels165,00015€0.46€1.68
vegas hotels201,00072€0.88€4.55
hilton hotels450,00076€0.29€2.47
luxury hotels74,00068€0.15€0.93
las vegas hotels550,0071€0.95€5.39
marriott hotels301,00066€0.41€4.21
new york hotels301,00064€0.72€2.85
booking hotels368,00098€0.27€2.47
google hotels135,00097€0.68€2.68
expedia hotels301,00040€0.42€2.87

Notes: Las Vegas is a popular place with two related keywords in the top 10 for August. Luxury hotel searches moved into the top 10 again as did New York hotel searches, pet friendly hotel searches moved up a few places from July. Interesting to note that three of the top ten searches now reference OTAs (Booking, Google, Expedia) with Google’s hotel meta search offering making an appearance for the first time. Average cpc estimates were also up from July indicative of high season trends.

Top Trending Hotel Keywords August 2021

Trending KeywordMonthly SearchesSEO DifficultyLow Range CPCHigh Range CPCTrending %
ellensburg hotels2,4001€1.12€2.95+400%
hotels in galway city4,40014€0.36€1.09+300%
enjoy hotels12,1000€0.04€0.13+200%
hotels in bend oregon22,20019€1.22€2.43+120%
hotels in cardiff33,1009€0.51€1.53+120%
day use hotels33,10052€0.23€2.44+110%
zen hotels135,50032€0.03€0.89+100%
big sur hotels33,10013€0.56€1.85+90%
portland maine hotels49,50026€0.98€3.14+70%
hotels in bournemouth60,5009€0.44€1.18+70%

Notes: The trending keywords should really be where the smart marketer is looking! Hotel locations in India were all over this list last month, likely due to some local events or festivals taking place. Hmmm… optimising your hotel website for searches related to local events, this sound like an idea worth investigating! This month they are nowhere to be seen! They have been replaced by a mix of US and UK/EU based hotels, to be expected given our focus on English language searches. Again local events (a rodeo anyone?) often seem to play a role. It will be interesting to see what the next round of trending data brings as we move into the autumn!

How do we get this keyword data?

It is pretty straightforward process and you can do it for yourself.

Step 1: Head over to Google Trends

We choose Google trends because it can give us a better indication of current trends over more historical data. We set the time filter as “Past 30 Days” and geographical filter as “Worldwide”. So far so good.

We then put in the words “hotel” and “hotels” to see what comes up. The singular version, while bringing back many more searches, also seems to bring back trending keywords that are often related to song titles or trending Netflix movies. We set the category to be ‘Travel’ to filter out the noise as much as possible and we went with the plural version “hotels” for our lists. For the original data set, you can have a look here. Note this link updates automatically, you may see slightly different data.

We then removed any near duplicates, any obvious non travel related keywords and any keywords that didn’t actually include the word “hotel”. We also removed the exact match word ‘hotels’. We then took our top 10 (now filtered) keywords from each list and went to the second step.

Step 2: Google Ads Keyword Planner

We put the keywords in our list into the Google Ads keyword planner to grab historical monthly search volume and historical high and low cost per click (cpc) data which is included in the lists above.

Step 3. SEO Keyword Difficulty

We use Ahrefs and like it so we use their keyword difficulty ranking which is out of 100. Higher is more competitive, lower is less competitive. We set the default country to be the USA for destinations and hotels in the Americas, we set it for the UK for other destinations.

Google trends brings out trending data and gives its own ordering in regards the ‘top’ keywords at any given time. We left the order from Google Trends in the lists which is why the keyword volume data (which is historical over the past year in Google Ads Planner) is not always in highest to lowest format. We also left the CPC data in Euro because that is the way our account is set up. If anyone has a suggestion to make our lists better, feel free to let us know, otherwise check back next month for the latest lists to see what has changed in the meantime! For more details on how to use these tools, have a look at our article on free tools for your hotel keyword research.

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