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New Website! White Pebble Suites Milos

We are thrilled to showcase the new website for White Pebble Suites in Milos, a boutique hotel on the seafront in amazing Pollonia with some amazing offerings for honeymooners and couples looking for that something special when visiting the island.

White Pebble Suites & Spa Milos

Helen and the team from White Pebble Suites contacted us to make them a website that would enchant potential guests looking for luxury accommodation options in Pollonia, Milos. With the attention to detail put into the hotel and of course the other worldly landscapes of Milos we had everything we needed to succeed!

The website is now live featuring some subtle animation and some not so subtle imagery from the amazing island of Milos, indeed one of the most “no filter required” Instagram friendly islands in all of Greece!

We now move on to the next stage of our cooperation which includes an SEO optimisation process to ensure maximum visibility and a targeted digital marketing plan to boost occupancy and direct bookings.

We are excited to get to work and invite you to have a look for yourselves at White Pebble, perhaps a trip to Milos is on for this summer?

White Pebble Suites Logo
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