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Hotel Website Design Inspiration

At Kollective we are always on the lookout for inspiration in the hotel & tourism sector worldwide. We thought we would share these little gems we found during our research that gave our team some visual inspiration this year!

The proper and well thought out design of your hotel’s website is crucial in building your brand and ensuring sustained growth (and direct bookings). No matter what kind of hotel you have, your facilities need to be presented in an optimal way to make it easy for your potential guests to find the information they need to decide that your resort is suitable for their holiday vacation before they book. Let’s be honest, a free template theme is unlikely to do the best job of presenting all these amenities to your guests. Any hotel website needs to be designed with inspirational content and clear information architecture in mind from the very beginning to ensure maximum results.

As a digital design agency, it is our business to stay on top of current trends both in design and in technology. We therefore are always looking out for great examples of good design to stay inspired. With that in mind, we present a sample of hotel websites, in no particular order, that have given us inspiration in the last year. We invite you to visit them and get inspired also. If you need a website for your hotel, feel free to reach out for a no obligation chat.

1 . Samsara Ubud – Indonesia

Hotel: Samsara Ubud
Location: Indonesia
Why we like it: The simplicity and focus on amazing imagery. Photographs really do tell 1000 words and the Samsara Ubud has done an fantastic job of visually presenting its (admittedly amazing) location. Special mention goes to the smooth and unobtrusive scrolling animations. The Samsara Ubad has officially been added to our bucket list!
Samsara Ubud Indonesia

2. Badrutt’s Palace – St. Moritz Switzerland

Hotel: Badrutt’s Palace
Location: Switzerland
Why we like it: Their amazing summer/winter landing page! For hotels in year round destinations it is a challenge to present inspiration suitable for all seasons. One option is to update your images as the season changes, or you could make a great and inspiring introduction to both seasons as the Badrutt’s Palace has done. We are inspired!
Badrutt's Palace Switzerland

3. Tofino Resort and Marina – Canada

Hotel: Tofino Resort & Marina
Location: Canada
Why we like it: Lynn is Canadian and therefore likely biased but the Tofino Resort and Marina on Vancouver Island has done a great job of matching website colours with their destination. What we really like more than anything else is their fantastic use of search engine friendly custom fonts to really brand their identity. One of the few uses of custom web fonts we have seen that really work well for optimising a hotel’s SEO presence – kudos to the team!
Tofino Resort and Marina Canada

4. Ibiza Rocks – Spain

Hotel: Ibiza Rocks
Location: Spain
Why we like it: The colours and…. the colours! Many hotel’s stick to tried and tested colours in their website and there is nothing wrong with this. If, however, your target audience is specific and might appreciate a different approach then you should go for it, and Ibiza Rocks certainly has! We love the brash colours which surely speak to the party crowd they are targeting. Special mention goes to their creative room naming. Well done!
Ibiza Rocks Spain

5. Casa Angelina – Italy

Hotel: Casa Angelina
Location: Italy
Why we like it: Last but not least, something a little closer to home from the beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy. Casa Angelina has featured on a number of the recent “best hotel websites” lists. We like the homepage for the same reason, its innovative breaking of traditional vertical lines with the logo on the right. Perhaps more importantly, we love the fullscreen video that they have produced with amazing photography and very timely messaging that addresses the current pandemic and their hope for the future. Truly inspiring!
Casa Angelina Italy

6. Aquapetra Resort & Spa – Italy

Resort: Aquapetra Resort & Spa
Location: Italy
Why we like it: The simplicity of the homepage and the scrolling side menu that works well on both desktop and mobile devices to easily get to the information you need.
Aquapetra Resort & Spa

7. Mivara Luxury Resort – Turkey

Resort: Mivara Luxury Resort
Location: Turkey
Why we like it: The impressive full screen menu with sub categories which works beautifully on desktop devices and has been smartly modified for mobile devices.
Mivara Resort Bodrum Turkey

8. Columbia Beach Resort – Cyprus

Hotel: Columbia Beach Resort
Location: Cyprus
Why we like it: Again, the menu and clear information architecture stands out. Similar to the Mivara Resort example above, a full screen menu with scrolling sub menus that work well across all devices is key to allowing guests to find the information they need quickly and easily. Resort websites really do offer web design teams the chance to make some impressive menus!
Columbia Beach Resort

9. Alimatha – Maldives

Resort: Alimatha
Location: Maldives
Why we like it: Sometimes less is more. Alimatha have kept their menu short and sweet and implemented category level landing pages to allow users to find more information about their amenities and services. If a massive menu system is not your design preference, creating introduction pages for each category of service is a good option.
Alimatha Maldives

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